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Frequently Asked Questions

How much admin will there be for the school and organiser?

  • We collect and scan all artworks so no need to send artworks home to parents

  • Leaflets handed out to parents once artworks have been created or once artworks collected by us

  • As parents order through our storefront you will not need to collect cash

Creating the artworks

  • We recommend coloured paper or white paper over 80gsm

  • There should be a 2mm edge around the artwork if possible (artwork can be lost if too close to the edge)

Can the artwork be made of mixed media?

  • We  accept artworks of mixed media, from cotton wool, google eyes.


  • We will accept a small amount of glitter however please be aware this can come out as grey once scanned. 

Can parents from two households place an order for one child?

  • Yes two codes would be added one for each parent

Is there a charge for taking part?

  • Schools with over 100 pupils collection and delivery of finished goods is free of charge.raph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

What size does the artwork need to be?

  • We recommend that the artworks are A4 size, if nursery age children we can accept A5 size 





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